Healthy Communities: Avoidable deaths and life expectancies in 2009–2011 - Technical Supplement - Summary

Healthy Communities: Avoidable deaths and life expectancies in 2009–2011


The National Health Performance Authority (the Authority) publishes two streams of reports: Healthy Communities reports and Hospital Performance reports. The Authority bases its performance reports on the 48 indicators agreed by the Council of Australian Governments.

This technical supplement summarises the methods used to calculate the descriptive statistics for the indicators presented in Healthy Communities: Avoidable deaths and life expectencies in 2009–11. The content of this supplement assumes that readers possess technical expertise in the creation and use of health information.

Healthy Communities: Avoidable deaths and life expectancies in 2009–2011 publishes statistics for 61 Medicare Locals across Australia, and seven clusters of Medicare Locals called peer groups, in the form of:

  • Comparable rates of potentially avoidable deaths and life expectancies at birth across local areas
  • Profiles of the 61 Medicare Local catchments using a total of 18 measures.

Four of the measures presented in the report have not previously been reported nationally at the local level, including indicators in relation to potentially avoidable deaths, life expectancies at birth, specialist attendances and use of allied health professionals and nurses.

This technical supplement focuses on the methods and data sources used to report on the four new indicators, and the methods used to calculate the results for the unique Medicare Local catchment profiles.

The remaining 14 measures have been reported previously by the Authority. The methods for these measures are described in the relevant report’s technical supplements. A list of each of the 18 measures included in this report and the relevant technical supplement are listed in the Appendix.

All measures in the report have been grouped into four categories: health outcomes, prevention, use of health services and experiences with health services. The measures are presented for each of the 61 Medicare Locals to show the unique profile of each local area.

The report also compares the results for these measures for each Medicare Local catchment area with the results for Medicare Local catchments with similar geographic, demographic and socioeconomic circumstances.

The Authority presents information from a range of data sources, including the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for Causes of Death and Life Tables 2009–2011, and survey data from the Australian Health Survey 2011–2013 and the Patient Experience Survey 2011–12, as well as Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) for 2011–12, the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) for 2011–12, and the Admitted Patient Care National Minimum Data Set 2011–12.

The Authority has also released alongside this report updated local-level MBS data for 2012–13 on for selected indicators relating to GPs and specialists.